All Humans Live Simply and Joyfully in praise and worship of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

We invoke God to come down and solve problems on Earth, starting from Freeing West Papua from Indonesian colonialism, Freeing Kanaky from French colonial power and freeing other nations in the South Pacific from colonial rules of all kinds and forms.

We invoke God by inviting as many Melanesians as possible

  1. to fast on regular basis: Fridays and Saturdays every week, and fast on other important days such as Christmas, Passover, independence day, ...
  2. to pray at least one minute every hour, and to pray when fasting.
  3. to praise God in celebrations every time for all things that he had done, primarily for
    • Creating us Melanesians and Pacific Islanders as the Paradise on Earth;
    • Blessing us with all we have, particularly cultural inheritance that we enjoy today
  4. to worship God in Spirit and glorify His Name
  5. finally to invoke Him to come down to this earth, and rule the world as the King of Kings forever.

The Holy Bible, xodus 14:14 New International Version

14 The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV® Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

Our History

This Gospel of Melanesia is primarily an Online Gospel Movement beginning right now in West Papua, and soon spreading across Melanesia, and finally will cover the globe.

The Melanesian Way of Approaching God is simple and fully spiritual, no rational involved, no theology involved, no explanation involved: fast, pray, praise.

Fast, Pray and Praise is the way we Melanesians Worship the Lord, Our Creator, Sustainer, Saviour, Liberator and Protector, King of kings, and Lord of lords, The Prince of Peace to reign from the Isle of New Guinea.

We invite Human Beings across the Globe to participate this global movement to invoke God interfere and stop our rationalism and rational concept of God and begin spiritual awakening to communicate directly with God in the Spirit and in simplicity.

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