Satanic Republic of Indonesia (SRI)

We brand the Republic of Indonesia as the "Satanic Republic of Indonesia" with Biblical arguments that Indonesia has been created, acting and will become the most dangerous demonic breeding ground and satanic power in the name of religion but to promote and work for demonic power spreading across the Melanesian Archipelago, South Pacific islands, Oceania and finally across the globe.

And we have reasons to declare this reality.

THe Original/ Real Map of Indonesia which was proclaimed on August 17th, 1945 in Jakarta.

Historical Reasons

West Papua was not party to Indonesia's Youth Pledge 2028
Indonesian youth from Sumatra to Moluccas gathered in Jakarta on the above date declared unity of Indonesia: One People, One Homeland, One language: Indonesia.

Netherlands New Guinea or her peoples was not part of this agreement.

It was Jong Java, Jong Sumatera, Jong Borneo, Jong Moluccas, NO Jong Papua declared the Youth Oath of Indonesia-hood.

West Papua was not part of the map at the time of Independence Proclamation 17 August 1945 in Jakarta
Independence declaration map did not include Netherlands New guinea or West Irian as part of Indonesia
West Irian came to attention during various meetings between Indonesia and the Dutch, indicating that this territory was not part of Indonesia at the time of independence declaration of Indonesia.

Indonesia's claim over West Papua is mrely based on the Dutch colonial map.

West Papua was not party to the Agreements made by Indonesia with foreign countries
1. Linggarjati Agreement 1948.
2. Round-Table Agreement 1950
3. New York Agreement 15 August 1962
4. Rome Joint-Statement 1968.
5. Special Autonomy Law 1963.
6. Special Autonomy Law 2001.

All agreements made by ignoring Melanesians in West Papua, undermining the rights of human beings who live in West Papua since time immemorial.

New Guinea has a different history in relation with modernisation
First contact with foreigners happen on February 5, 1855, when first German Missionaries by the names of Ottow and Geissller step on Mansinam Island, West Papua.
Indonesia is the Dutch East Indies and West Papua is the Dutch New Guinea territories, two different colonial laws and colonial territories, and therefore the independence of Indonesia has nothing to do with West Papua.

Melanesians never fought for Indonesian independence
Melanesians in West Papua never become part of or even never been aware of the struggle and then existence of nation-state called Indonesia
They call Papuan heroes for Indonesia like Silas Papare are Melanesians who acted as if they are representatives of Melanesians in West Papua to mobile, influence and even promise good life with Indonesia.

Melanesian Identity of us in West Papua never been recognised by Indonesians
We were forced to identify, to think, to call ourselves and to speak as Indonesians
Our human rights and dignity to be recognized as we have been neglected and even severely, systematically and massively undermined and violated.

Todays Situation

Special Autonomy I
Chicken cooked in Riesling with onions, mushrooms and herbs

Special Autonomy II
Traditional Provençal fish stew, with shrimp, mussels, clams and monkfish

Special Autonomy III
Pan-fried sole in butter and served with brown butter sauce, parsley and lemon

Côte de Boeuf
60 days aged rib steak, pepper sauce, fondant potatoes

Duck à l'Orange
Roasted duck breast with crispy skin and velvety citrus sauce

Pea and Asparagus Risotto
With goat’s cheese, rocket and baby shoot salad

The Future Hope

West Papua as part of Indonesia
A classic French delicacy, filled with rich chocolate ganache

West Papua as a disputed Territory
Delicate crêpe in buttery, orange sauce; served flambé

West Papua as a Free and Independent Melanesian modern nation-state
Multi-layer praline and chocolate cake with caramel cream cheese

New Guinea as the Lungs of our Planet Earth
Sticky caramel sauce with apples, served with whipped cream

New Guinea as the Home of Origin and Home of Destiny for all Melanesians, Micronesians and Polynesians in 100 years time.
zesty lemon tang, creamy custard and topped with meringue

West Papua as the "New Jerusalem"
Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, plums and passion fruit

Our fish is responsibly caught from sustainable sources.