Jhon Yonathan Kwano

  1. 1965 - Born in Timika, Mimika region, from a Monther from Wamena, and a father from Kwano Familiy Name of the Tabi Customary Land, or Port Numbay.
  2. 1983 - with his parents, and two brotehrs, fled to Vanimo, then to Kiunga due to security reasons in Jayapura at that time.
  3. 2000 - Returned to West Papua, after his father passed away in PNG, and his mother also passed away in Vanimo, on the way to West Papua.
  4. 2013 - Appointed as the Marketing dan Sales Manager of A Coffee Cooperative KSU Baliem Arabica, to sell Papua Coffee in Indonesia
  5. 2014 - Start learning many books on Website and Blogging, and started to create blogs that sell Papua Coffee
  6. 2015 - domain nama papuamart.com was bought, and set up by a local Indonesian blogger in Yogyakarta and this became the class-room to learn more about blogging, and started setting up the blog as an Online Store on Products from West Papua.
  7. 2015 - Attended a Conference on Coffee and Soil in Ching Mai Thailand, hosted by University of Chiang Mai, and during this conference Kwano was introduced to another Course Held by Grand Master Mantak Chia on Universal Healing Tao Associate Instructor certified in Basic - Inner Smile, 6 HS, MCO (BA) in Indonesia named Jhon Yonathan Kwano - UHT Instructors ( 2015-12-02 - 2016-12-02 )
  8. 2015 - Establish Universal Healing Tao Indonesia and start translating Chi Cards into Indonesian language, and planning to translate more books and booklets into Bahasa Indonesia.
  9. 2015 - Create more blogs on Papua Coffee:
    • papuacoffees.com
    • baliemarabica.com
    • baliembluecoffee.com
    • papua.coffee
    • kopipapua.biz
    • kopiwamena.com
    • pas.coffee
    • coffea.biz
    • organicarabica.coffee
    • arabika.bi
  10. 2015 - Start Producting Morita Oil, or the Papua Red Pandanus Oil, and setting up more blogs on The Pandanus conoideus Lam
    • buahmerah.biz
    • buahmerahwamena.com
    • pandanuslam.com
    • papuaredpandanus.com
    • merah.buah.biz
  11. 2015 - Also set up blogs and re-sell domain registration and hosting websites
    • webpapua.com
    • papuaweb.net
    • hostingwebmurah.com
    • cheaphosts.us
    • 8plus1.org
    • bananaleafcafe.biz
  12. 2015 - in Chiang Mai, at one of the Tao Garden Courses, introduced to Unicity - Happy LIfe Products and currently he holds a rank as an agent. Visit www.unicity.asia and other blogs at blogspot.com
  13. 2016 - Initiate UHTS Melanesia, in order to promote health and well-being among Melanesian tribes-peoples from West Papua to Fiji, from Palau to Kanaky.
  14. 2016 - Start Setting Up more blogs on Travels and Ticketing
    • papua.click
    • tiketpapua.com
    • terbangmurah.com
    • jalanjalan.top
    • compareflightsandhotels.com
    • cheapflightsandhotels.us
    • comparefares.net
    • fly.melanesia.ws
    • travel.papua
  15. 2014-2016 -set up many blogs at blogspot.com and wordpress.com for selling Papua Coffee, Papua Red Pandanus Oil, Ticketing and Travel Agency, and Reseller of Domain Registration and Website Hosting.
    • papuamandiri.biz
    • papua.business
    • papuabank.com
    • universal-tao-indonesia.com
    • melanesia.ws
    • kopi-papua.com
    • papua-mart.com
  16. Social Media Contacts
    • facebook.com/papuabusiness
    • twitter.com/papuabusiness
  17. Phone and Email Contacts
    • Email:
      1. info@pas.coffee
      2. jykwano@gmail.com
    • SMS/WA: +62-857-6922-3000

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